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Welcome to Sania Interior Design Blog

Hi friends! Welcome to the blog. I’m so glad you’re here! I’ll be sharing helpful home tips, products that catch my eye and hopefully answer some design questions from you along the way! Due to the mandatory shelter-in-place many of us are spending more time in our home than previously. I know for me personally, I was home for about 24 hours before making a list of all the projects I have neglected to tackle. (More on that later!)

What Color Should I Paint My Living Room ?

I recently got the question of “What color should I paint my Living Room?” from my good friend Shannon. When I asked her why, she said, “Now that my children are getting older I want to change our living room from a toy room, to a place where people can gather and chat. Aaaand I'm BORED.” Ha! I totally get it sometimes you just need a change, especially when you look at it day-in and day-out. Times change, children grow, and your home should evolve with you!

For Shannon, her living room is located off a center hall with her dining room directly across from it. The dining room is painted a soothing shade of mint green. That color is the first source of inspiration for her Living Room. She also recently completed a Kitchen Refresh with new warm gray paint on the walls. Shannon wants the Living Room to be connected to the Whole House and to feel Cheery and Clean. Based on the existing paint in the house and the feeling she wants for the space, a light warm gray paint for the walls like, Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray is a great one. BTW, Sherwin Williams is also still open and taking phone orders with easy curbside pickup, they will even drop off swatches to your house. Here are a couple pics featuring Worldly Gray.

Incorporating Color

To amp up the cheer I recommended accessorizing with cool shades of blue/greens while adding concentrated pops of color to keep the space cheery, as opposed to serene.

Here are some fantastically cheery spaces I wouldn’t mind sipping a cup of coffee in with Shannon.

If you find yourself seeking change, here are some questions you can ask yourself ?

- Why do I want to _______________?

- What am I hoping to achieve?

- What look/feeling am I going for? Calm and soothing, cheery and clean, sophisticated and cool, vibrant and warm… you get the picture!

- What am I keeping that I need to coordinate with? Maybe it’s a paint color from another room visible from the room you are doing or maybe it’s a fabulous pillow fabric you’d like to pull colors from. Use what’s around your home for inspiration!

So how about you, what projects are you working? I’d love to hear!

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